Real Solutions

These programs are very unique and are not suitable for all clients. Information here is just a basic synopsis and more detailed information will be provided upon request and receipt of basic project information.

Private Transactions

If this is your first encounter with the $75 Trillion non-bank finance market, sometimes misleadingly referred to by media and others as ‘shadow banking’, it will be completely different to anything you have encountered before.

We do our best to educate and advise clients. The most common impedance to progress is the perceived lack of transparency shown by funders – be it loan or equity. However, it has to be understood that funding in this market comes from (mostly) private individuals (who control most of that $75 Trillion mentioned above) through private institutions such as hedge funds and asset managers. It goes against every tenet of this private market to disclose ANYTHING about previous transactions be it who received the funds, under whatever structure, and who invested in that structure. Indeed there are privacy laws that investors could bring to bear against their hedge fund and asset managers, should any hint of their investment activities leak out.

That said, you will always find the investors helpful and as transparent as they can possibly be, within the limitations imposed on them. But always keep in mind the limits within which they have to work.

A Note on Project Funding and Related Fees

Aon Capital Group pays very close attention to necessary vs. fluff upfront fees. Business owners looking for significant capital amounts budget for the expense of securing funding for their project(s). We constantly receive submissions with the stipulation that no ‘upfront’ costs will be tolerated and, if we see this, we will not even respond.

That having been said, no matter what, it is (and always has been) unreasonable and naive to expect any funder to cover all the costs of the transaction. To do so is asking them to carry all the risk of paying lawyers, accountants and others involved in structuring your transaction, with no commitment at all from you – the eventual beneficiary – when you could walk away from the transaction at any time.

If you are coming to market raising $10m, $500m or even $5bn+ please don't expect your funder to cover all the costs involved and charge you at closing with no commitment from you. All our funding programs are serious and proven and, as such, expect a show of commitment from the client through a contribution to the legal, collateral, banking and other costs incurred in your transaction. All fees are charged AFTER you have been made a formal offer of funding and, as such, these are 'closing' and not 'up front' fees.

Also, we are paid ONLY on closing of your transaction with any costs and charges paid directly to the funder or their agents (depending on the program).