Mezzanine program

This program is for established companies, project sponsors and contractors who, in today's market, may be lacking the liquidity to bring their project through to stabilization.

This program provides 100% of the capital required, which is then repaid by your own bank after an agreed term (together with the investors ROI) with the total converted to a long term loan by your bank.

The investor does not seek any equity or seat on your Board. The structure is essentially, a bank-to-bank transaction with your own bank agreeing to pay the investment and ROI.

The funders will show proof of funds on deposit (USD12billion) to your bank to support your negotiations.

The decision to invest is based almost exclusively on your bank's agreement to repay the investment and ROI after an agreed period and convert to a long term loan.

Sectors & Deal Value Range:

  • All renewables except wind, and solar needs to be utility scale.
  • All other sectors, Min $50m but $100m+ preferred.
  • Investors are happiest at the $1bn to $3bn level.