Private Venture Fund

Deal Value Range: $25m to $(no upper limit).

Completion Time : 4.5 to 6 months.

Private Venture Fund is a generic title given to a range of straight equity and debt/equity project financing options delivered from a private fund of significant size, managed and operated by a leading private investment bank. .

Their primary focus is to invest in projects, teams and companies that show the potential and ability to become the biggest, best and most innovative in their respective markets.

Location is no barrier provided there is a stable government and there are no issues with the UN or local unrest.

In many ways the process and structure is similar to traditional venture capital funding, except that you will not find this funder in any venture capital or private equity directory.

They invest private money, in private transactions through private and proprietary structures. As with most non-bank finance programs, your project will need to be shovel ready in order to secure financing.