What is Alternative Capital?

Funding structures set up by financial innovators such as hedge funds, asset managers, high net worth individuals, and others to provide capital for business funding and project finance opportunities. Funding is provided through a diverse range of funding channels, instruments, and structures. Our funder clients rely on Aon Capital Group to help their capital sources find your project.

Where is this Alternative Capital?

There is more money available than ever before and it’s available worldwide across all market sectors, and in all politically stable territories. We here at Aon Capital Group can provide you access to our funding sources to get you the capital you need to fund your project.

Is Alternative Capital Difficult To Get?

Not really, but you’ll benefit from the skilled and attentive team at Aon Capital Group to guide you through our funding partners guidelines and processes. After our initial consultation with you to understand your project, we then match your project with the proper funding program. We then work with you to structure your investor documentation package to meet the mandate of the funder’s program submission criteria.

How do I get access?

Contact us. We'll review your project needs and see if there is a match with our available programs. If there is a fit, we can help with funding from $5 million to $1billion+.